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Senegal Real Estate was founded by Mamadou Diawara. Born in Senegal, citizen of The Netherlands. Already from an early age, Mamadou's ambition and vision fuelled him. He left Senegal and moved to Paris at the age of sixteen, to study and play professional league basketball. It was his sports career that eventually brought Mamadou to The Netherlands. There, he retired from the game at the age of 27 and continued his career as an IT consultant. With the money he earned in this field he was able to explore a deeper seated passion of his, the construction industry.

That flame was first ignited by his grandfather, a Senegalese contractor. Mamadou followed his grandfather around for years as a young man and was captivated with the entire process of the construction cycle, from the planning phases to the actual end product. With the funds now available to him, Mamadou decided to learn more about the real estate business and apply it directly. Subsequently he designed and built his first home in 2000. It was at that time that the proverbial foundations for Senegal Real Estate were laid.

As he progressed, Mamadou never lost sight of the opportunities that real estate development projects could offer and what this could mean for his native country. Now, 15 years later from when he first started, he has built up an impressive resume. He holds a global client base, a committed team and has forged a strong and influential network in Senegal, ranging from local suppliers and contractors to Presidential government officials. Yet, equally important to Mamadou, he is realising his vision of improving and developing the community, both in Senegal and Europe.

Mamadou Diawara believes strongly in collaboration and partnerships. Throughout all of Senegal Real Estate’s projects, networking and knowledge sharing opportunities are encouraged and he intentionally partners his local staff and Senegalese experts with counterparts from other parts of the world in an effort to cross-pollinate capability and expertise. This creates the unique and high quality real estate projects he is known for, which in return prove to be both profitable and contribute to the development of Senegal.

about us

Mariola Meyer is a Dutch business woman, with a successful international career in a multitude of fields ranging from the Oil and Gas business to the Hospitality and Facility Management industry. She brings with her an undeniable passion for both West Africa and the Real Estate and Property Management industry, and has set her sights on promoting the vast amount of opportunities that both Senegal on the whole, and specifically the emerging Real Estate industry have to offer. 

She strongly believes that pursuing the organisation’s bottom line aspirations and making a positive social, economic and environmental contribution are by no means mutually exclusive, but are rather a necessity in today’s entrepreneurial and innovative business environment. It were these core values that she recognised in Senegal Real Estate, where since 2013 she featured as a leading contributor on its Advisory Board, and is the reason why, in 2015, she enthusiastically accepted an official position on the executive board. 

Successfully managing multimillion US$ contracts and projects for her clients, driving the external relations agenda, and defining the strategic leadership of organisations, have so far contributed to her success. Yet, what draws new business, talent and development opportunities to her is her unique and inviting manner of communication and doing business, which is best described as containing a co-win attitude. She actively seeks out the win for everyone involved, and is continually delighted that this fully aligns with the company’s vision: "Delivering world class profitable real estate projects whilst honouring its diverse social, economic and environmental responsibilities in the communities in which it operates".
Mariola Meyer

Mariola Meyer