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Senegal Real Estate

With more than a decade of experience in developing, managing and investing in real estate in Africa and Europe, entirely from our private investment funds, we have opened up investment opportunities to those who share our vision and wish to join our community.

Investment Opportunities

The African real estate market, compared to Europe and the US, can still be considered untouched. Yet, with the fast growing economy in Senegal alone this market is accelerating quickly. Supported by the government’s development plans and projections, which in the coming five year alone promises 20 billion euro worth of investments and an annual economic growth of 7%, full return on investment is achievable within a time span of five years.

Senegal benefits from an advantageous and strategic geographic location, which is considered the gateway to the entire West Coast of Africa. It offers investors:

  • A stable political environment
  • Democratic institutions
  • Non-stop flights to and from all major cities on all continents
  • A major seaport in Dakar
  • A bilateral investment treaty with the U.S. and Europe
  • A stable regional currency - the CFA franc (pegged to the Euro and guaranteed by the French Treasury)
  • A robust telecommunications infrastructure

Within Senegal, our current region of operations is predominantly in and surrounding the city of Thiès. The region of Thiès has a clear defined and exciting growth strategy and, as such, has become of particular value for investment incentives with high returns.

Both railways and roads cross Thiès and fan out to all the corners of the country and its neighbouring countries. With the new international airport now located in Diass, which is able to cater for up to 10 million passengers and a mere 18 km drive from Thiès city, Thiès is now, rightfully so, the second largest and most influential city in Senegal.

That is just one of numerous reasons why many multinationals are deciding to settle in the region, and subsequently the demand for high quality residential, hospitality and business facility accommodation and services is increasing fast. A requirement that we cater for, on behalf of our clients.

Senegal Real Estate

Investment Portfolio

We currently offer investment opportunities on the below projects.

Hotel Résidence du Rail
Thiès Promenade Centre

Investment models

Senegal Real Estate has two investment models available:

  • Loan Investment
  • Equity Investment

Both are particularly suitable for investors who acknowledge the great prospect and value of investments in African real estate, yet who are unable or unwilling to be actively involved in the acquisition, development and management of Real Estate projects.

Loan Investment

The Loan Investment opportunity is also known as a Debt Investment. It refers to the loan used for development of the real estate project. This investment ensures fixed income from the interest on the loan and would commonly yield a fixed annual interest rate between 6-12%. The Loan Investment model we offer usually runs between 1-5 years, with a balloon payment of the initial capital invested at the end of the operating agreement.

Equity Investment

Our equity investment model represents a residual interest in the property. You would retain an ownership interest in one of the income-producing real estate projects you have decided to invest in. The investment commitment typically runs between 5-10 years, and like our Loan Investment model, payment of the initial capital invested would be at the end of the operating agreement.

The choice of whether you want to invest in equity or debt will depend upon your risk tolerance and your return expectations. Our investment team will highlight which model is available on which project and will support you in making an informed decision on which investment option is right for you.

Senegal Real Estate

As most of our projects are so-called ‘ground up’ developments, monthly interest distributions can generally be expected between 6-24 months from the date of investment. Minimum investment amounts, detailed projected returns and distributions on both investment options, as well as a timetable for milestones and a distribution schedule, would be specific to each offering and will be noted in the offering documents for that respective investment.

Senegal Real Estate is consistently the first investor in any of our projects, and will always retain an ownership interest in all of its income-producing properties. This provides the company with a stable financial base, from which it can initiate the development of new opportunities.