Senegal Real Estate


Senegal Real Estate

Developing, managing and investing in real estate in Africa requires the necessary experience, reciprocated cultural awareness and the right contacts. Our client database is diverse, from foreign business owners and investors wanting to settle and invest in Africa, to property and land owners, starting developers, and expats. Whether you want us to take care of the end to end execution of your venture, or want to utilise our Intermediary Service (where we support you at specific stage-gates of your project), we will translate and manage the requirements and the expectations of all parties involved, and navigate to a successful completion of the projects embarked on.

Property Development

Property Development

We specialise in residential, commercial, hospitality and hybrid development projects in Africa, and work with local, regional and country authorities, the best architects, public space consultants, engineers, city planners, and contractors. Please review Our Portfolio for more details.

Property Development on behalf of (Senegalese) Expats

As we have been expats ourselves, we understand the desire to invest back into your country of origin and/or to prepare for your home coming. We therefore offer expats in general, but specifically Senegalese expats abroad, the opportunity to contract us for the development of their property. We can assist you via a bespoke Intermediary Service, only supporting you where and when needed, or take ownership of the end to end process. You will be able to monitor progress through a secured online portal, where status updates and progress images will be shared on a weekly basis. Please reach out for more details about this service.

Senegal Real Estate

Renovations & Interiors

Senegal Real Estate


We renovate both residential and office premises upon acquisition or on request of our clients. We offer bespoke packages where we either assist on a consultancy basis, partly renovate on your behalf, or renovate your project from start to finish. Contact us for more information.

Interior Design

We undertake any project, irrespective of size. Whether you are developing a new build, renovating your residential or office premises, or want to refurbish, each of them are an opportunity for us to delight you with a one off scheme, specifically tailored to your vision, your style and your desired level of comfort and luxury.

Real Estate Management

Real Estate Agents

Find, rent or sell your dream home, the right plot of land, or that perfectly positioned commercial object with the Senegal Real Estate experts. On our website we feature exclusively selected luxury objects for sale or to let. High-end Expat housing is thereby our speciality, where we ensure all your staff are conveniently housed. If your requirements differ from our showcased objects, let us know, and we will find the right fit for you. Our friendly staff will be delighted to take you through the process and answer any queries you may have.

Property Management

For landlords with one or more Real Estate objects to let, we provide an effective, proactive one-stop-shop. Whether this concerns residential or commercial properties or use of land, our experienced staff consistently ensures the letting process is efficient and we guarantee maximum attention to your object.

Senegal Real Estate


Senegal Real Estate


Senegal is currently very popular when it comes to agricultural and horticultural land. Just a 5.5-hour flight from Brussels, Paris or Amsterdam and with one of the largest ports in West Africa, Senegal is now seen as a stable and accessible hub that provides access to the CEDAO. This is the reason that more and more agricultural companies from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, India and China are now starting to find their way in Senegal. Did you know that Senegal was also recently named one of the most promising emerging markets in 2020 by Atradius?

How can we help you?
Senegal Real Estate currently has more than 100,000 Hectares of agricultural land in its portfolio. These lands are mainly located in the region of Thiès, Saint-Louis, Richard-Toll, Podor and Casamance. Good water supplies and irrigation options are available at all these locations.

  • Thiès Notto Diobass 80 HA
  • Thiès Notto Gouye Diama 350 HA
  • Saint-Louis north Senegal 10,000 HA
  • Saint-Louis north Senegal 15,000 HA
  • Saint-Louis north Senegal 500 HA
  • Richard Toll 15,000 HA
  • Podor 30,000 HA
Our offer varies regularly and as a result our most current supply / demand does not always reach our website. If you are looking for land in other areas or if you have a specific issue in this area, please contact us by email. We will inform you on what is available and aim to come up with a concrete proposal within 5 days.

The handling of the purchase:
Our Senegal office will supervise all viewings and the purchase and registration will also always pass a registered notary. Administrative actions of the transaction are supervised by our office and we will communicate the process and our incurred costs in a well-organized and clear manner with the buyer.

Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us or visit our website:, where our additional services can also be found.